Danny Sandock

Danny Sandock is a unique singer/songwriter and instrumentalist whose writing spans blues, folk-rock, and Americana styles. He is a 'one-man band', playing 12-string guitar, harmonica and hi-hat/tambourine while singing, all one time. Danny is a well-travelled troubadour, having opened for Keller Williams, The Wooten Brothers Band, Scott Holt Band, Badfinger, and many others.

Originally from South Bend, Indiana, Danny Sandock has honed his skills as a singer/songwriter and instrumentalist in locales all over the United States, starting with his first paid gig at age 13. His songs are entertaining and fun, painting musical vignettes which explore the everyday idiosyncracies of life. Whether it's jumping from a roof as a child in an attempt to fly, or developing an allergic reaction to work, Danny's songs capture the sometimes humorous folly of life's experiences in ways that leave us smiling.

Danny joined the artist roster at Aardvark Records in 2010 with the release of a 6-song EP titled City of Dreams, a collection of original material recorded in Long Beach, CA. This was followed with the re-introduction of two previous projects, Back To Unreality, and One For All Seasons, which was recorded by Aardvark owner Barry Simon in his Flambay Studios in Austin TX.

Since 2014, Danny has released two additional recordings: "Breakin' New Ground" and the newest title "Throwin' Me For A Loop". Both were created in collaboration with musicians both in the LA area and Austin, TX, "Breakin New Ground" was released in 2014 and "Throwin' Me For A Loop" was released in June 2018.

Danny is currently staying busy with gigs in the southern California and Hawaii. He is available for live shows, either unplugged or amplified. He has his own sound system if needed.

For more information, please contact Danny at:

email: dannysandockmusic@gmail.com
cell phone: 727-644-4886
postal mail: PO BOX 1234, Culver City CA 90232

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1. Throwin’ Me For A Loop (4:07)
2. Miss Ya Baby Blues (4:10)
3. Sycamore Canyon Mentality (4:05)
4. Passin’ The Buck (3:44)
5. In The Tabloids (4:13)
6. Splitsville U.S. Of A. (2:57)
7. TMI (3:32)
8. Hitchhiker(4:07)
9. Sick Of This City (3:02)
10. Mixed Emotions. (4:02)
11. Broken Promises(2:57)
12. Ole Stompin’ Grounds (3:33)

1. Breakin’ New Ground (3:18)
2. Headin’ North To South Bend (full band version)(3:26)
3. Bottle Droppin’ Baby (3:14)
4. The Four Corners (3:15)
5. MLK, Inspired by Nelson Mandela (3:46)
6. Livin’ On Borrowed Time (3:21)
7. Truck Drivers of America (3:06)
8. When the Circus Came to Town(2:55)
9. Stay Together (3:12)
10. Splitsville U.S. of A. (2:53)
11. Headin’ North to South Bend(Bluegrass Version)(3:27)
12. Oldest Wannabe (3:10)

1. City of Dreams
2. Dance Tonight
3. Peaches Boogie
4. Computer Cassanova
5. Girls, Gigs, & Guitars
6. They Thought I Was On Speed
(or Out In The Country)

1. Club Hoppin'
2. Foolin' Around
3. Younger Days
4. Long Cold Nite In Georgia
5. Mama Mama Come Pay My Fine
6. First Time I Laid Eyes On You
7. Ghost At the Edge Of Town
8. Hopin' For Us
9. Factory Memory
10. Heard It From The Wind
11. Flack Chaser
12. Motel Livin'
13. Get Back To The Plan

1. To Who I Confide
2. Rock-n-Roll Song
3. One For All Seasons
4. Siesta Key
5. Allergic To Work
6. Ain't It Or Am I?
7. Passin' Thru Dallas
8. Her Way Or The Highway
9. April & Me
10. Messenger Of The Blues
11. Start A New Life
12. Stinkin' Feet
13. S.S.D.D.
14. Flyed And Fell